Working with a meat canning company in Germany, Bouchet has developed a hamburger in a can, with a shelf life of two years. The hamburger is sandwiched between two buns, has tomato ketchup and mustard already on it, and has a pull top lid for easy opening. In the month of December, 2007, Bouchet placed a stand offering free samples of the Canburger at the Enfant Rouge Marche in Paris. This public market was created under Louis XIV and is the oldest public market in Paris. The Canburger is a starting point for a larger investigation into some of the more manifest issues involved in one of the worlds most popular food items. For the bronze hamburger sculpture (and shiny metallic hamburger cans) Bouchet produced 10.000 canned burgers and takes the current trend for what can be called “spectacular materiality” to its uncomfortable extreme.