Sir Walter Scott

“Sir Walter Scott”, is a spectacular transformation of Bouchet’s 2009 Venice Biennale artwork titled “Watershed”. This sculptire  featured a 240 square meter suburban American family home, which was floated on the waters of Venice for 6 months. After the Bienniale closed, Bouchet cut up the entire house with chainsaws and sledgehammers, in an artistic action that took more than 7 days. The resulting material from this action was shipped to his studio, and then reconfigured in this assembly of 15 “Stacks”.  “Sir Walter Scott” is a single sculpture that is composed of 15 separate “stacks”; with each column placed on a specific carpet. The artist composed each of the “stacks” uniquely, and the entire collection of stacks comprises one single work. The title of the work comes directly from the name of the house model that was listed in the original construction companies order catalog.