More Zero

Galerie Parisa Kind 

Frankfurt, Germany

May 26 – June 23, 2018

Mike Bouchet’s series of Colachrome paintings are made with his self produced Diet Cola. Though the works cover a range of themes, what Bouchet is primarily working with is the immaterial cultural fabric that ties all of these themes together. Bouchet’s works are never didactic gestures, nor are they ironic or condescending. In addition to the Colachromes, the exhibition also presents new sculptures. The series of works, titled “Sylva Lounger,” which are made from cutting a shopping cart, and bending down the sides into a very comfortable and stylish piece of furniture.

The humor of all of these works bears witness to the underlying rigor of Bouchet’s longstanding engagement with the behavioural facets of today’s corporate consumer culture hegemony.